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Diabetes Diet is a complete change of life. It is NOT only for those who have diabetes. Diabetes Diet is important for everyone. Diabetes Diet is a way of life.

Once you learn how to eat correctly diabetes, cancer and heart disease will no longer be a threat to you. You will no longer live in fear. You will live in peace.

                                    Stop dieting forever! 
Diabetes Diet exposes the misinformation (lies) we have been told for years. 
Diabetes Diet is not a "diet plan" per say or exercise regime, it is a way of life! Once you get the hang of it you will no longer have to think about planning meals. The foods you eat will become part of who you are.

Also included is a Diabetes diet plan for pets! Don't wait another moment order the Diabetes Diet Book now! 

Diabetes Diet provides you with a PROVEN Diabetes Reversing Elimination Program That No Other Diabetes Program Can Come Close To.

We guarantee it!
What’s even more impressive is how people have succeeded in conquering their diabetes.   
  • WITHOUT taking drugs and if they were on drugs they were able to stop taking them.    
  • WITHOUT going on a diet. Weight falls off naturally with little to no effort!    
  • WITHOUT using hard-to-follow meal plans    
  • WITHOUT strenuous exercise
  • WITHOUT worrying about slipping into an insulin coma at night 
  • WITHOUT wondering when diabetes will finally steal their sight, limbs or life

Sound To good To Be True? We have proved it works!

Think of how you would feel to return to a “normal” life again? To have a second chance? No medicine, no insulin and no needles. To finally permanently reverse this horrible disease once and for all. Finally moving forward with a future filled with good health, happiness and increased longevity? You can.

What is a carbohydrate?

A carbohydrate is anything that turns into a triglyceride once it reaches the body. It can be sugar, starch, grains, nuts, potatoes, vegetables or fruit. All meat is exempt from this list.

Why are too many carbohydrates bad? 

Carbohydrates can raise sugar levels in the body causing insulin resistance.

So what. Who cares about insulin resistance?

Everyone should care because this is the first step towards pre-diabetes.

How many carbs can a normal person have each day?

The maximum per day for a healthy person is 50 grams of carbs.

Normal day of carbohydrates in an average American's life.

First thing in the morning the health conscious American would eat Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal.

A mid morning snack would be an apple and a nature's valley oats health nut bar.

For lunch it would be a chicken salad with dressing and a baked potato

For a mid afternoon snack it would be a handful of grapes and nuts.

For dinner it would be a chicken breast with mixed veggies and sweet potato

For desert it would be a bowl of popcorn or 1/2 cup of ice cream.

Okay, now lets add up how many cars the average health conscious America eats. 

1. One serving of Kashi cereal with 1/2 cup skim milk =  49 grams of carbs

2. The apple and health bar = 49 grams of carbs

3. Chicken salad and potato = 32 grams of carbs

4.  Grapes and nuts snack = 20 grams of carbs

5. Chicken, veggies and sweet potato = 27 grams of carbs

6. Popcorn of 1/2 cup ice cream = 20 grams of carbs

That means the average health conscious American eats roughly 200 Grams of carbohydrates each day. That does not take into account any sugar put in coffee, tea or sodas that person might drink throughout the day.

Once you go over 50 grams of carbs a day your body goes into insulin resistance. This is the reason why the number for pre-diabetics has climbed a 100% in just 5 short years! 

Do you want to stay healthy? If your answer is yes, then get OFF the carb train.

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